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To make the 100Hours Curriculum freely and globally available, we plan to integrate the following technologies into a powerful online knowledge collaboration platform:

Massive Open Online Courses will be created to train youth and youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, ‘elders’, and others

Collaborative Course Builder Technologies -
Empowering the most brilliant teachers, youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, and elders, in the further development and applications of the Transformational Curriculum .

 A Purpose-Specific Social Network (PSSN) & Networking +  Collaboration Technologies (e.g. Google Plus, Google Hangouts) -
to create and deploy mission-based Global Network of (sub) Networks (GNoN) that powerfully connects youth leaders, ‘elders’, and others to enable rapid global knowledge and skill learning and sharing; coordinated project and mission development and execution; and social entrepreneurial partnership and support.

Digital Multimedia -
Video, audio, writing technologies to capture and share (e.g. via YouTube) the transformational Curriculum, as well as to develop further projects, knowledge and technology sharing

Mobile Platforms -
to deliver the Curriculum, gather feedback, and upload onto the internet & share transformational knowledge skills, and technologies to people anywhere in the world with access to mobile devices; to enable coordination and support within and between the GNoN

Expert System Database & User Interface
(beyond 2016) – a longer-term goal to optimize functionality and user experience

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