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The 100Hours’ approach is based on the understanding that genuinely sustainable societies, and sustainable well being and happiness, require establishing people’s hearts and minds in positive universal qualities of heart and mind including compassion, loving-kindness, wisdom, mindfulness, generosity, integrity, responsibility, and honesty.

These internal qualities of heart and mind then manifest externally as:

1.) The foundation for living for individuals, families, local communities, organizations, and society

2.) The foundation for effectively adapting to major social, economic and environmental change, and

3.) The foundation for sustainable well being and happiness in society.

Our work at the 100Hours has focused on how to create such a foundation.

Multiplied throughout a nation and its youth, these qualities of heart and mind would create the foundation for a society to wisely adapt to change, and to the impact of rapid modernization and globalization without losing core essential values. They also support people in learning how to effectively address major social, economic and environmental challenges.

Our curricula in development are intended to help create such a transformation throughout society. In the busyness and chaos of modern culture, young people, and increasingly adults as well, often experience a disconnection with these deeper universal principles, practices, and values.