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Volunteering and Donating
The 100 Hours receives a great deal of its support, financial and otherwise, from volunteers at grass roots level. People kindly donate their money, time, expertise, energy, and other resources.


If would like to volunteer (full or part time) as part of the team, we would love to hear from you. In particular, we are developing four Working Groups.

A. Technology Group
Focused on programming the website, including MOOC technology, and developing downloadable apps. In particular, this needs programming skills: HTML5, and Javascript, ideally to the level of Webmaster.
B. Media Group
Focused on editing the filmed core trainings into modules, and developing social media based on the modules. We are especially looking for: those with film and editing experience; those with a deep interest in social media; those wanting to apply the principles of The 100Hours to their sphere of interest e.g. education, business, international development, conservation, civil activism etc.
C. Business Group
Focused on developing a sustainable financial model for the 100Hours, including monetizing certain modules for the business market. In particular, we are looking for those experienced in developing business consulting services.
D. Training Group
Focused on developing modules to train facilitators. We are looking for very talented teachers and other educators to help develop the modules, and to train as leading trainers.
Our approach is to use best practice management techniques in each of the working group domains. If you would like to volunteer managerial expertise, we would love to hear from you. .

Please email us at volunteer@100hours.org