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Are you interested in helping create a global curriculum for young entrepreneurs and change makers? Are you excited by the idea of a curriculum that encourages wise and compassionate living and leadership?

We’re creating a transformational curriculum for young people from primary up to university level, to be available on computers and smart phones across the globe. It will inspire young people to look at how they can make a powerful difference in the world, empowering them to grow as individuals and positively impact their relationships, family, community, organization, and broader society, including through entrepreneurship.

It will offer them the tools to ground their efforts in compassion, responsibility, humility and integrity, and train them in the courage and resilience needed to create long-term success.

Paul from the 100Hours teaching in IndiaThe 100Hours was founded by Dr. Ron Browning and Paul Vincent Cable. The two have worked with youths in schools and colleges in South Africa and India with incredibly powerful results. You can watch a video about this work on our website www.100hours.org, where you can find more information about the organisation’s vision and achievements.

Sounds like a great idea, right? And you can help make it happen.

We’re looking for inspired and inspiring people to contribute their knowledge and expertise to creating this curriculum! If you have worked with children, possess a deep understanding of how they digest content in different formats, and would like to share your views and experiences, get in touch!

We’ll be holding a series of seminars and webinars in the late summer through to the end of the year. If you’re interested, please email us or fill in this form.