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Benefits of mindfulnessMindfulness – resources

Please download our interactive slides about mindfulness. We hope you find it useful: Mindfulness in Education (powerpoint)also in PDF format.

We recently contributed to an article on the Guardian Teacher’s Network, about mindfulness and how to introduce it to students, written by Emily Drabble. The article includes links to other helpful websites.

Read what the American Psychological Association is saying about the Benefits of Mindfulness (excerpts).

Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan Into a Life Skill
Learn how to harness the power of cooperative learning to build empathy with the “jigsaw method.”

Resources for Learning About Empathy
Dive into this collection of tips and strategies for teaching empathy in your classroom.

9 Videos on Kindness, Empathy, and Connection
If your heart needs a boost, this Five-Minute Film Festival from VideoAmy is for you. Get out the tissues!

The Huffington Post, on the amazing benefits of Mindfulness