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Suppose young people, including young leaders, helped build and deliver a dynamic transformational curriculum for wise and compassionate living and leadership for other young people throughout their local area, throughout their country, and beyond?

Suppose this transformational curriculum powerfully supported young people around the world in developing integrity, dignity, respect, responsibility, resilience, courage, compassion, commitment, empathy, awareness, understanding, and other positive qualities? Suppose it also trained them to be change agents, developing world class social transformation skills in leadership, communication, and conflict resolution?

Using new “global classroom” Internet technologies as a key means of delivery, this transformational curriculum can be made broadly and freely available to young people both within and outside of the formal educational sector.

2013/14: The development and delivery of the 100Hours transformational Curriculum is currently being developed with a highly diverse group of young people in London. The product of this phase will be an alpha version of The 100Hours.

2014/15: In the following phase, the Curriculum will be available and tested in 5 countries internationally. The end product will be a beta version.

2015/16: The beta version will be open for testing across the world, leading to a fully functioning version of The 100Hours.

The strategy for expanding and deepening the social impact of The 100 Hours’ approach includes the following five elements:

1 Flexibility, Adaptability & Agility
2 Leverage
3 Scalability
4 Focusing On Developing Leaders And Leadership Capabilities
5 Networking