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JOSTAAn example of The 100 Hours’ Development work: South Africa

To fulfil our vision of universal accessibility, The 100 Hours curricula are offered freely throughout the world.

In 2005/6, we took The 100Hours to CIDA University in South Africa. CIDA offers virtually free, high quality, university education to poverty level South African students.SENZI 6A

CIDA students graduate with

a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. It is the university’s intention to train and develop the future leaders of South Africa and to

provide a replicable educational model for the rest of sub Saharan African.

The documentary film on the Home page, directed by the young Mexican Alejandro Sesma, is about this development work in South Africa. There were over 200 student participants in these trainings. The development of The 100 Hours’ curricula has been greatly expanded since then, but the film provides an initial sense of how the 100 Hours works with young people. (Note: The singing and dancing in parts of the film are not regular parts of The 100 Hours, but are offerings that the students spontaneously wanted to share with their fellow classmates).


Africa’s Development

When interviewed for the documentary film and asked, “What difference can The 100Hours Training make to Africa?” 20 year old Senzi replied;

“The HIV pandemic – it’s growing at an alarming rate. Hunger – it’s growing at an alarming rate, too. So these things make us feel that we are not part of the world. So from The 100Hours, seeing that we have started to explore our inner being, we started to explore our minds and we started to be aware of our Inner Friends (inner qualities of the heart and mind of wisdom, compassion, integrity, responsibility etc. – ed); if we can apply more of our Inner Friends to ourselves first, then that will reflect to the world, and once it will reflect to the community, it goes hand in hand with Africa, so that we can develop a better Africa.”


Adil’s Story

“I learned that I can overcome my Inner Enemies and develop myself and the country with the help of Inner Friends. I also learned that money can buy things, but it can’t buy true friendship and love.”


Aditi’s Story

“This was a lifeline. I learned how to be a good person. We will always remember this through-out our lives”.


Bonsani’s Story

“Firstly, I got inspired by this training. It has enabled me to dream big and aim higher.

I also learned to be self confident and never doubt myself, or look down upon myself, and always create a positive picture in my mind.

I also grow as a person through this 100 Hours training. In other words, I changed as a person.

This training has created a sense of possibility in my life, in a way that it has taught me to look at the positive side of life.

I also learned that obstacles and storms in one’s life dont last forever – the are impermanent.”


Gabi’s Story
Africa 2 Gabi“It has changed my life in a positive way, and I am now awake to many aspects of my life that I wasn’t even aware of before.

Things like confidence – anyway, I had always confidence, but I developed it.

I have learnt that listening is the greater part of speech, because you learn as you listen.

This has been positively contributing to my life so that I can understand that I dont always have to know, but I can listen to what other people have to say – having an empty cup to fill with fresh water.

It has always shown me that the world doesnt revolve around my little finger, there are beings out there who need love and to be free from suffering.

I am a better person, because I can forgive, love and let go of any feeling.

I have grown in me the generosity towards other people in terms of sharing and giving, expecting nothing in return.

In whatever agreement I have with myself and other people, I have to commit myself to keeping my word.

Wise association means (being with) people I can learn from.

I have changed for the better and I can be truthful to myself and what I want in life and in South Africa as a whole.”


Josta’s Story
Africa 4 Josta“In every failure I’ve got, I must not blame others, but take my own responsibility. So that I be able to act positively and with the true spirit of willing to succeed.

I learnt that if you are a human being, you must be responsible for your life and for your acts. In that way, you will improve your life for the better.

I learnt that if you have problems, dont let them cause your downfall, but they must lift you high and be strong.

I learnt that I must look at my inner friends and inner enemies and take inner friends as my guide for life, because inner enemies destroy life.”


Lerato’s Story

“As a person you have to make to accept the way you are

You have to be responsible in each and everything you do

Dont take things for granted

You have to face your fears

You dont have to give up in life, because theres always a way

You have to tell yourself that you are going to succeed in life. Only if you believe and trust yourself

You have to be honest, patient, trustworthy, confident, have discipline and be aware of things you are doing”


Magaguie’s Story

“The training taught me:

A. I know now to take responsibility, not to blame others for any matter in my life

B. To love others

C. To care for everybody on planet earth

D. Confidence

E. Awareness of inner friends and inner enemies in my mind”


Manako’s Story
Africa 3 Manako“Thank You”

“For too long living in the society swimming in a sea of nothingness. For too long living in the island of hopelessness. Thanks God for bringing you to my life. Our training was not a fluke. It was not a fluke (the) many changes you brought to my life. Thank you very much.

Thank you for instilling positiveness in my life. Thank you for making me enjoy the rare gift of hope. Thank you for letting me see that tomorrow will be better than today. Thank you for letting me see further than one’s nose and therefore further than today’s problems and thus to see into the promise of the future.

South Africa, the land of crime, drugs, prostitution and corruption, these are the quickest ways to get bucks. But thank you that you taught me the integrity, responsibility, and the choice not to engage in one of those disastrous actions. Thank you for instilling a lion heart to venture into the opportunities that this country has to offer with a loving kindness attitude.

I wish you could peer into my heart and read how happy I am for meeting
you. Thank you very much for all you have taught me. “


Margaret’s Story

“The training has taught me to:

A. Open the mind and make me aware of every action I take. Sometimes we always think the better way is to point fingers at other people, but now I know that I must be responsible.

B. Be aware of my inner enemies and have the way of dealing with them without hurting people around me.

C. Help to develop the way of thinking and doing things, and to be aware of my ego, and teach me to love those whom I hated.

This training has completely changed my life, in terms of forgiving and stop blaming other people about what went wrong in my life. I have forgiven my mum and we are working things out together.

It taught me to appreciate instead of being jealous and greedy.

It helped me to get rid of fear and build the strong and new Sibongile that was inside of me, and I was not aware of her. Standing in front of the class changed me, and now I am no longer afraid of the things I must face.”


Mlamuli’s Story
Africa 5 Mmlamuli“A. I decided and committed myself to losing my ego

B. I can associate with people without gossiping about another person

C. I have become a loving, generous, compassionate person – not to forget also a forgiving person and can also share with others, also with gratitude

D. I now know in every situation I have a choice and I know my inner enemies and inner friends, the “Good and Bad Lions”

E. I am a confident guy now because “I know I can” do things I never thought I would. I can support others and give valuable advice.

F. I can say to another man I love him because now I know loving kindness

G. I can now be humble, not judging others; and hold myself 100% responsible

H. I can take a hard decision to avoid hurting and suffering

I. What is fear, after all, because its just a Bad Lion which I wont feed

J. LEARN – I get feedback in situations which didnt go right (instead of feeling a failure)

K. I no more expect support from parents, friends, relatives, because I know that I have it all in me. I just needed to be aware of it.

L. Im no more taking (thinking of) money as a barrier of not getting knowledge.

M. I no longer think of myself only, but for others and focused on the kind of South Africa I want to create

N. I used to be a moody person, always isolating myself from others because I felt they are better than me, but today I communicate with people, I open up, I listen to others and always willing to learn.

O. Having a “beginners mind” (with infinite possibilities –ed) will get me to high places, instead of an “experts mind” (with few possibilities – ed)
i. From now on, I can say “I am a man of my word” since I clearly understand how important it is to stand by your word.”


Mpho Bridgette’s Story

“A real leader must face the music even if he doesnt like the tune. I have learned that there is more to life than sitting back and waiting for someone to help me. I should go out and be a lion – stop being fearful and be responsible for everything that I do.

I have gained more respect for other people, have kindness. I stopped (ed. Mis-)treating other people, because we are all humans.

I am more calm, I motivate my mother, tell her to be strong and Im very supportive.

I’m learning to be aware.

Dreams dont always come true, but once you put your mind to it, and stick to what you believe, things will turn back and surprise you.

I’ve learned not to pretend any more but to be aware of what Im feeling at that very moment.”


Ntombi’s Story

“I learned how to be responsible

I learned how to take charge of my life

I learned how to concentrate

I learned how to take control of my life

I leaned how to be open to people

I learned how to be committed to things I do.”


Shirley’s Story

“I got so many skills in this (100 Hours) training which are of good value and treasure in my life.

I learned how to be a leader who will have a positive impact in the country, and that it’s not a degree that makes me a successful leader who is well honored and respected throughout the world, but what defines a great leader is the “inner friends” (qualities in the heart and mind of integrity, honesty, compassion, wisdom, responsibility, awareness and others –ed.) that he/she has inside of him/her.

I also learned that I can’t lead the nation in a positive and admirable way if I have not yet developed my inner being, have not discovered my “inner enemies” (negative forces of mind/heart – ed.) and friends, and start to work with myself first. Then I if I have completed discovering my inner being and have overcome my inner enemies, then I will be a leader who will make a difference in a country and have a positive impact on generations to come.

I learned also about the most important thing which I didn’t take into consideration, which is responsibility. I learned that responsibility is not about blame, shame and guilt, but responsibility is coming to the point of view that I am cause in the matter. I saw that our world is scattered because most of our leaders don’t want to take responsibility upon themselves, but they end up pointing fingers, putting the blame on other people.”


Tisetso’s Story

“The training has most importantly taught me to:

1. Be true to myself and fellow human beings

2. To be responsible for my life and the surrounding environment

3. To always persevere in life regardless of the circumstances

4. To acknowledge my best and others best

5. To appreciate the nature of life in all aspects

6. To be aware of things and to focus on every encounter

7. To endure others pain (by) being compassionate

8. It has taught me integrity and veneration

It has also unleashed so much potential in me.”


Titso’s Story

“…It has benefited me, because hearing Mr Ron saying that, when hearing or doing something, you should come with an open mind. Do not just say I am pro or against. Observe, investigate, first. Then decide afterwards. And I should not believe everything I hear. Having heard that, I totally agree. Seeing what is happening in my country, my continent. Blind idolatry has been my peoples (Africans) enemy. We tend to follow whomever. Most of the times, it is negative people.”