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18th of June 2014

With Skype in the Classroom

WAF Awards Presented by Ayrton Cable with Charlie Doherty, and hosted by The 100Hours

In June 2014 in London, 11 year old Ayrton Cable launches the new Humanitarian Water and Food (WAF) Youth Award. This Award merges with Ayrton’s “World Food Challenge”, which he launched at International School Meals Day and WE Day London.

There will now be a single WAF Youth Award, challenging young people to sustainably feed everyone in the world, no one left out.

This challenge invites an holistic approach to solving our water and food problems that can be sustained through the coming decades of this century.

Ayrton CableThrough a series of lessons on Skype in the Classroom, Ayrton, with ace young fundraiser Charlie Doherty, will guide classes in understanding the problems of getting adequate nutrition, and then support the students in getting involved in the Awards process for 2015. The Awards will celebrate those young people who have created (either from scratch or through developing something already existing) the most impactful initiatives to solve our water and food challenges.


Informed by the work of its partner and lesson host, The 100Hours, The WAF Youth Awards start from the point of view that brilliant physical solutions to water and food security already exist; the work of the World Food Programme, Mary’s Meals, Growing Power, SEANET, the PRI, and many others demonstrate that. What is missing is enough “care” about the issue to dedicate the necessary resources to scale them. The focus of the WAF Youth Award, then, is particularly on what young people can do to develop great C.A.R.E. (Commitment, Awareness, Responsibility, and Empathy) in the world.

Skype in the classroom

These SITC lessons will offer extensive resources to understand the physical problems and solutions of the issue through world-class partners, such as International School Meals Day.

The WAF Youth Awards are partnered with the United Nations, and form an important component of Ban Ki Moon’s “Global Education First” and its priority of building Global Citizenship.

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