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“All of your scholarship, all of your study of Shakespeare and Wordsworth would be vain if at the same time you did not build your character and attain mastery over your thoughts and your actions.”
Mahatma Gandhi

We are developing transformational curricula for the 21st century, intended to support the growth of young people around the world as wise and compassionate citizens and leaders. Our approach both synthesises leading approaches to social and emotional learning, global citizenship, mindfulness, and other education interventions, as well as innovates new pathways.

Founded by Dr Ron Browning and Paul Vincent Cable, the 100Hours is an innovative, ground breaking, scalable and strategic approach to positive transformation at all levels: from the individual, to the family unit, to organizations, to communities, and eventually to society. This approach is based upon decades of experience, research, development, and delivery of transformational trainings. The vision for The 100Hours was first made public at a meeting of several heads of state of the Commonwealth and later in the Houses of Parliament building in the UK. Developed initially, by invitation, in South Africa and India, the 100Hours is now partnering with several international organisations, including the UN. The 100Hours is a founding signatory to the EU Compact for Peace and Well-being.

Given the global scope of The 100Hours’ vision, the development challenge has, until 2012, been how to effectively scale its approach to transformation. To achieve such scale, we are focused on leveraging the past year’s internet technology breakthroughs – MOOCs – which have spawned the current education revolution, including the Khan Academy, the Big History Project, Edx, Coursera, and others.